The Great Wall of China. Jinshanling

Short review of Jinshanling part of the Great Wall of Chine just after the renovation in January 2018

Last year I was already in Beijing, but, thanks to visa-free transit, I got a chance to see the Great Wall again. It seemed like a good exercise to bring myself in fresh vacation mood. Small hike – what can be better to switch from boring everyday office routine? This time I’ve decided to go to Jinshanling part of the Great Wall, which is located ~150km from Beijing. However, please note, that officially this is not allowed during visa-free transit. This part of the wall was closed from June to October 2017, so probably I was one of the first [thousands] people visiting the Wall.

Half-ruined tower with windows
Half-ruined tower with windows
Some tower
One of two places where one can walk off the wall
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