Hiking "Green Ring" in Austria

It may seem like, what can another alpine hike surprise with? Well, here’s Lech, one of the popular winter resorts. Yeah, but there are thousands of them, right? And if you’re hiking, why not go to South Tyrol, to the Dolomites? But let me tell you this – it so happens that there are almost no free huts/bivouacs/shelters in the Alps. There are plenty of paid “huts,” and there are free shelters in hard-to-reach places (where you can’t hike in one day, you either have to be incredibly sporty or spend the nights up there). One of the first russian-speaking bloggers about alps, Combrig, has described routes quite clearly, where you can spend a week in the mountains using these free bivouacs. But this is not for those who came here on vacation or for the weekend.

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